Kurland Food Market (WC – Garden Route)

New Kurland Food Market (Plett/the Crags on the Garden Route) supports the local community

On Sunday, 13th June 2010, Kurland Food Market will be opening with an explosion of activities, wholesome food to eat in or take home & beautiful craft work to swoon over.

A recycling project, special interest lectures and animal edu-activities are soon to be introduced.The market owner Cindy & David Lederle are committed to making the market a community project & encourage people in The Crags area to join in various capacities as stall holders, stall managers and entertainers.

The Market will be running workshops focusing on selling skills, customer services and professional stall management. Workshops will provide stall holders with the sellings, customer service and professional stall management skills.

A business mentor will be onsite to provide assistance and advice. Caterers & Crafters can recruit stall managers from the trained pool of personnel to manage stalls on their behalf. Potential stall holders, stall managers and entertainers can contact Sally.Mpower@gmail.com or 084 812 3365

Taken from http://showme.co.za/plett/news/kurland-food-market-supports-community/

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