Posted by: Soulgrow | October 3, 2012

A local community market trying to make a difference

I’ve come to realise that one of the main things that distinguishes a person’s experience of a market from that of a supermarket, is the fact that shopping at a supermarket is a solitary experience – fine if you’re in the mood to be alone in a crowd; whereas shopping – or even just browsing – at a market is a communal experience, one that is far more satisfying of our very human need for contact with others.

Perhaps that is why markets have been such a persistent feature of the urban and social landscape through the millennia, and why they remain eternally popular – never more so than in South Africa, and especially Cape Town, these days.

That’s why local community-oriented markets such as the Organic Saturday Market at the Jolly Carp in Retreat in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town are so relevant at the moment. This small but vibrant weekly event offers a range of organic, homely fare, and serves as a valuable meeting place for locals familiar with a venue that holds a special place in their memory from decades past.

Now the Market is serving an even greater purpose by being a focal and rallying point for the local community in its fight against urban and commercial development that threatens to take over land held sacred by many in the area – Princess Vlei.

Hence a special fund- and awareness-raising event that will take place this Saturday 6 October as part of the Organic Market’s activities: a Jazz on the Vlei Festival will be held at the Jolly Carp in conjunction with the Organic Market (18h00-24h00).

For more info check out the Facebook event:


A community market raising funds and awareness for a good environmental and local cause in Cape Town

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