Posted by: Soulgrow | May 16, 2012

What’s hot and happening: Pinning for success

Pin for success

Okay, so here’s a bit of info that may come in handy if you’re a market/exhibition/festival vendor (or organiser), or if you plan to become one.

I’ve already written about how to make your stall stand out from the crowd, now I want to share some great tips by Mitt Ray about how to promote your business/work from an excellent social media site called Social Media Examiner about a really useful new tool that all professionals/businesses can use, but especially those whose work has a visual component. Even if your business is more service-oriented and less visual, you can still make use of Pinterest, a fantastic new social media device that’s been taking the world by storm lately.

It’s a great way to drive traffic to your sites and blogs, and even to drive sales. It’s going viral at the moment, so take advantage of the freshness of the medium and take the plunge. Join me on Pinterest today (#soulgrow or #Erica Kleine aka samarketmaven!) and start learning how to pin – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

PS: if you’re not tapping into the power of social and digital media to promote yourself or your work then you need to get with it ASAP! It may seem scary or overwhelming at first, but persevere – it’s very empowering and can be quite fun and creative too. Watch this space for more advice on this kind of topic.

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