Posted by: Soulgrow | March 31, 2011

Be the change you want to see in the world

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt

With annual Earth Day ( being celebrated internationally on 22 April, this month why not show your commitment to giving our planet some much-needed TLC by supporting one the many markets around South Africa that offer locally-produced (i.e. low air-milage, smaller carbon-footprint), organic (i.e. no nasty chemicals etc), handcrafted (i.e. no mass-produced), socially and environmentally conscious products & services?

Wholesome organic locally produced food at the Holistic Fair

There are too many to mention thoroughly here, but at a glance:

Come and explore more wholesome, healthier ways of living from 10am-4pm this coming Sunday: locally-produced, whole, organic, vegetarian & vegan food; recycled, repurposed crafts; organically-grown plants & herbs; healing treatments, services & products; organic jungle gyms in two kids’ play areas and much more, including a free movie courtesy of Wisdom to Nourish: “The Vanishing of the bees” (11h30-13h00 & 13h30-15h00) –

On sale are delectables ranging from breakfast dishes, coffee tea and fresh juices, hot mielies, fresh foods and snacks, cakes, organic honey and eggs, new and old books, plants and herbs, vegetable produce, organic rooibosch tea grown in Wuppertal in the flavours of vanilla, buchu, mint. Handcrafts, curios, art by local artists, trendy clothing, handmade chocolates and much more.

The Kalk Bay Fresh etc Market falls under the MENNGOS Organic Food Programme, which supports food gardens in various township areas and a village in the Eastern Cape.

Also, here’s a small sampling of other more wholesome and unique markets around the country:

Recycled orange bag loofahs from the Holistic Lifestyle Fair

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