Posted by: Soulgrow | March 5, 2010

Stand out from the crowd and seal the deal: useful advice for vendors ©

Stand out from the crowd

As a market organiser I often find myself giving vendors advice about how to create a better display or exhibit.

This kind of feedback – and whether the vendors actually pay heed or not – can often make the difference between whether they will persevere and be successful in a market environment, or whether they will fall at the first hurdle and go back to their day jobs.

Like most first-time business people, traders who are new to doing markets (or exhibitors at exhibitions/fairs/festivals) are especially naive when it comes to knowing how to make the best of their enterprises.

A day’s trading can seem like a millennia if a stallholder just  sits back in their chair in front of a less than inspired display and waits for people to come to their table and engage them. Chances are they will have dismal sales, and will probably blame the market or the visitors.

While a particular market setting may indeed not be the right one for certain goods, services or price points, and while visitors don’t always dip very quickly or deeply into their pockets (especially in today’s economic climate), preferring instead to simply enjoy the experience of browsing, these factors are only part of the equation of running a successful market stall.

So, vendors, remember the following:

  • Make your display jump out at potential buyers from a distance

Provide a sensual experience

Don’t get lost in the vendor crowd: distinguish your stall by offering a colourful, sensual, interesting, intriguing experience that can be seen from a distance.

Tip: If you’re using a table to display your wares, don’t place everything flat – create visual interest with a pyramid-type arrangement. Check out other stalls and shop window displays for ideas.

  • Time to brush up those social skills! Engage potential buyers without being too pushy

Always imagine your own experiences as  a visitor to markets/exhibits/shops. A friendly, interested, helpful and passionate approach to potential buyers is your best bet.

Tip: Don’t wait for them to talk to you if they’re browsing, tell them something about your products, or ask them something relevant to themselves. But be careful not to freak them out by being too pushy or intrusive – know when to retreat and keep quiet!

More info on how to maximise your market experience coming in future blogs. In the meantime, check out this market visitor’s blog for more insights and ideas:

Create visual appeal

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