Posted by: Soulgrow | January 22, 2009

A virtual ‘craft market’ that makes it hip to buy handmade


Love in a Puff!

Love in a Puff!

Did you know that there is an entire category of designed items that fall under the name ‘geekery‘?

Have you ever tasted chocolate toffee rooibos dessert tea?

What about getting some Love-in-a-Puff from an intriguing plant that has balloon-like seed pods which, when squeezed, pop to reveal 3 perfect white heart seeds inside?

These are some of the unusual moreish handmade items for sale via, a site with lots of great features (including a Community section) that connects buyers and sellers of unique handmade goods.

This online ‘craft market’ is definitely worth a visit if you’re tired of having the same stuff as everyone else and are looking for something that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling every time you look at it, because you know how much love, effort and soul have gone into the thing.

You can even custom order bespoke items from Etsy’s virtual ‘shops’ via their Alchemy function – a nice option.

Expect to pay a little more – what with exchange rates, shipping costs etc (items listed in dollars) – but to get a lot of satisfaction for a long time to come from your truly one-of-a-kind selections. Besides, it’s only January – seeing as your credit card has been safely tucked away at the back of your sock drawer you can start saving now for Christmas in 11 months time!

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